Interactive Marketing Agency

We create unique experiences between a brand and its consumers.

We combine the strategy, technology and innovation to meet unique concepts, emotional, experiencial, to build brands and make them relevant to the eyes of the consumer.

Interactive Marketing | Digital Marketing | Emotional Marketing | Marketing of experiences

Our Marketing Model

  • Model


    We design a specific strategy for your brand and achieve the follow:

    • Relevant content
    • Awareness and loyalty
    • A relationship with the consumer
    • Positioning

  • The strategies of communication

    The strategies of communication

    It is not what you say, but what people understand, ATL, BTL, RP or Digital, we always find the best way.

  • Team


    This is how it works: The agency joins in the listening and learning from the consumer in order for the brand to speak what the consumer wants to hear.

Web Development

A web site is a long-term investment, is the image of a brand on the Internet, a digital entity that must speak with the consumer and therefore should provide good basis for it to grow, being adaptable and relevant.

We use various technologies, from pure programming in different languages to the implementation of content managers (CMS)

  • Site planning
  • Development of content (textual, graphic, multimedia)
  • Development of functionalities
  • Technical execution SEO

Content Marketing

The content is the king. Google

The main reason of the internet is the content, is what makes the brands relevant or not, which attracts or alienates the audience. Through a creative team that analyzes trends, tastes and preferences that create communication strategies, in which are landing in editorial plans to reflect themselves in each format, time, location and mode of publication.

Texts, images, multimedia elements are the global tools of quality content, which must be unique so that in addition creates the desired impact, allow to search engines and social platforms, generate links between brand and consumer, creating loyal audiences which with time, become communities with a high level of engagement.

  • Creative

    We generate interactive strategies through planning, Concepts and Executions merging effectively,ATL, BTL, Public Relations and Digital Communication.

  • Design

    The designed creativity and its implementation base on the communication strategy.

    Branding, Packaging, Webdesign, Ilustration, Editorial Design, Photography, Cinematography, Industrial Design, Render 3D, Storyboards & Animatics, Art Direction of Audiovisual, Character Design.

  • Multimedia

    A Mediatic Profile, Entertainment media, Planning editorial, Textualization, Community Management, Stage Manager and TV and Radio Announcer, Advertising and Editorial Copy, Storyboards, Engagement of marck (experiences)

Traffic and Metrics

To create successful campaigns it is necesary to know the behaviour of the traffic. Certified specialist in Google Analytics, develop specific measurement strategies that allow us to analyze everything related to the traffic of a site, with them we organize a "compass" that allows us to know what contents to create, such as optimizing the site, the way you speak to our audience and everything necessary to obtain targeted traffic and of high quality.

Our Clients

  • Analysis of influencers. Search for external communication to the brand and relationship with other brands of the group.

  • Analysis of influencers. Search for external communication to the brand and relationship with other brands of the group.

  • Analysis of influencers. Search for external communication to the brand and relationship with other brands of the group.

  • Analysis of influencers. Search for external communication to the brand and relationship with other brands of the group.

  • Analysis of listening. Comparison of each of the group's brands between 2015, 2016 and 2017.

  • We stablished a strategy that integrated marketing in social networks and WhatsApp® in an interactive and direct way to the consumer.

  • Generation of digital strategies and activations for launches of DVD and Blue - Ray.

  • Offline and online creativity for media strategy of release releases.

  • Strategy in social networks for point of sale conversion on DVD and Blue - Ray.

  • Brand creation. Positioning of a corporate image within the industry, through a comprehensive digital strategy.

  • The creative concepts integrate offline and online advertising so that the user is always in the cloud of influence of the brand through consumer recommendations.

  • We created a digital platform to increase the user-brand relationship making it the oficial communication point creating routes with time calculation, prices, distances, trajectories and billling online.

  • Creation of social strategy for generation of engagement and conversion in point of sale.

  • Comprehensive communication strategy aimed at parents, strengthening the relationship parents and children.

  • Changing perception in social networks about the new way to be, because "being smart is cool".

  • We created a formal communication channel of the brand that has authority, credibility and Influence. Today the brand positioning is number one in search engines.

  • We create a social media concept communication based in mexican common phrases: That´s how we understand us

  • Creative and digital strategy for the launch of new products.

  • Creation of digital marketing strategies for various accounts of the Company, achieving positioning in the mexican market.

  • The creation of communication strategy in social media, mainly for the launching of their service.

  • After several years absent in social networks, today Pomada de la Campana has a digital tool that functions as the central axis of it´s communication. Facebook.

  • We design a creative concept for the market penetration at point of sale.

  • Generation of integrated communication strategy, creative concept and social media.

  • A direct line of communication was establish through whatsapp and social networks in order for the market to interact positively with the brand.

Our Team

  • Iván Fernandez de Lara


    • Universidad Latinoamericana
    • Sacramento State College
    • Escuela Argentina de Negocios
    • ITESM - Marketing Interactivo
    • ITESM - Big Data Analytics
    • Oracle Sales Certification
    • Microsoft Sales Specialist
    • Symantec Security Professional
    • IBM SOA Certified Champion
    • Project Management

    "The tiger and the lion can be very strong, but the wolf does not work for the circus"

  • Erik Peimbert

    Creative Business Director

    • Specialty in creative strategies CECC Pedregal
    • Diploma in Retail Marketing – University of San Diego
    • Diploma program in Interactive Marketing – Tec de Monterrey
    • Degree in Digital Marketing and Strategy
    • SEO: Positioning on search engines

    "First understand, then act"

  • Arturo Revolloso

    IT Director

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences
    • Certified by Apple
    • Front-End web development specialist
    • HTML 5, CSS3, Java Script and Java
    • Web development specialist Back-End
    • Java, PHP, NET
    • CMS (Joomla, Wordpress)

    "Everything can be done, everything"

  • Gío Villalvazo

    Traffic & Analytic Director

    • Masters degree in visual communication (UNAM-ENAP)
    • Digital Marketing Diploma (Tec de Monterrey)
    • Certification in Google Analytics and Google Adwords
    • Digital Advertising – Social Networks
    • SEO strategies

    "Only the one who does, learns"

  • Laura Rueda

    Gerente Administrativo

    • Algonquin College 1999
    • Preparación de sistemas y controles administrativos
    • HRDC (Recursos Humanos)
    • English as a second lenguage

    "Success is the sum of small repeated efforts day after day"

  • Andrea Olvera

    Art Director

    • Degree in Design and Visual Communication by the Faculty of Arts and Design FAD
    • Specialized in Editorial Design
    • Experience in Editorial Design and Digital Marketing

    "The advantage of doing things with heart, is that it will always be reflected in the result"

  • Enrique Rojas

    Creative Digital Director

    • Advertising - Franco Mexicana University
    • Digital Days - I.A.B.
    • Video Trends in Social Networks - Socialbakers
    • Content and Digital Strategy Career

    "Make it fun and see the results"